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How To: Handling Negative Press on Social Media

Sometimes negative press on social media is inevitable. We are in the information age, meaning negative press can be seen by more people than ever before. Since consumers have the tools to express themselves quickly and easily, it is crucial for businesses to understand what to do when receiving negative press on social media. Follow the tips below to ensure any negative press is handled to the best of your ability:

Respond immediately! Whenever a negative comment is posted on any of your social platforms, it is essential to respond to the individual as quickly as possible. This shows the customer you care about making things right and their opinions are valued by the company. If mistakes were made to cause the complaint, admit to them upfront, apologize if necessary, and take the appropriate steps to restore the relationship. Remember to always be honest in your responses.

Do not delete negative comments: Never delete the complaints that may be posted on your platforms. While others who visit your site may still see them, they will also be able to see the steps you have taken after the complaint was posted to clear up any issues. This shows future consumers the value you place on their experiences and the lengths you are willing to go to mend any problem. The only time it is acceptable to delete negative comments is if they contain profanity.

Listen to the complaints: If multiple people are complaining about the same thing, it is time for you to take action. Listen to your consumers to better understand their wants and needs, allowing you to improve their experience with your brand.

While negative press arises out of a bad situation, it can end with positive outcomes. Respecting your consumers and doing the necessary steps to right any wrongs not only build brand relationships with those particular consumers, it also shows other customers how much you care. Solving any problem that arises, big or small, will build brand loyalty among your consumers.

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