In A Digital World, Social Media Strategy is a Must

It’s 2018 and Marketing dollars are being spent through social media more than ever before. Large corporations are trying to find ways to reach their customer base on a personal level, while some corporations have lost their competitive edge for lack of social presence. Meanwhile, some small businesses have flourished using social networks. The truth is, in this digital world, a social media presence is a must!

How do I get started?
Sometimes it can be difficult to get started when you have no experience, or are not sure where to begin. Ask yourself these questions; Can my business benefit from a social media strategy? Who is my target market? Are these people on social media? Can I reach these people another way? These are the most important questions to any business that wants to gain a social media presence.

How do I choose a social network(s)?
There are a few different choices given that there are over 10 social networks that allow brand advertising. The first question to ask yourself is, “Does this social network align with my target audience.” Trends in social media over the past 10 years have changed drastically. New social networks like Snapchat have gained market share on the Facebook giant, but seem to reach an entirely different, younger, set of users. Figure out which social network is best for you and your type of business, start there.

How do I connect with my Audience?
Connecting with your target audience is way more than just putting out good content. If you are selling jewelry for women over 50, and choose to market on Instagram; your audience will most likely not see the content. Using the same methodology on Facebook would yield completely different results. Strategic social media marketing is very important because it is very easy to spend ad dollars on social media and not see a great return. How can I make sure my content is going to bring me the results I want?

  • Be Creative: Creativity goes a long way. Ask yourself if you are tired of seeing the same things as a consumer. Brainstorm ways to reach people that are not currently customers.
  • Be Consistent: Many companies elect to have a third party marketing firm connect with their audience for them, posting daily content that will connect with your audience. There is a balance to being consistent depending on your industry. Posting the same content over and over again can be detrimental to long term growth. However, posting original content often can help you reach new customers and re-engage current customers.

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