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Increase the Readability of Your Content Now

Providing intriguing content is vital when attracting an audience online. However, with the overload of information outlets available on the Internet today, one needs to do more to not only gain the attention of an audience but to also keep them around long enough to actually read what you have written. Here are a few tips to increase the readability of your online content:

Use a catchy title: Grab the attention of your audience as soon as you can with a thought provoking title. This will help your content stand out among the rest of the Internet noise and will increase the click-through rate. Communicate within your title the information that will interest your audience.

Use sub-headings: Reading content online is different than traditional print media. Readers want to quickly identify the main points of an article, to quickly decide if the information is what they are looking for, or whether they need to move on. Utilize sub-headings to make your content easy to navigate and to identify the main points of your content for your readers.

Use short paragraphs: Short paragraphs allow your readers to quickly scan the content and find exactly what interests them. The easier it is for your audience to identify the information they need, the more likely they are to take the time to read what you have to say.

Keep it relevant: Provide valuable information in your content, but be original. Cut out the excess information and get to the point, as readers online do not want to navigate through unnecessary text. Keep your content concise, use simple sentences, and avoid redundancies.

Have sharing options: Give your readers the opportunity to help disseminate your content online. Providing social sharing buttons with your content is an easy way to spread your content and increase virality.

Take advantage of these simple tips to optimize the readability of your content online.

Our own copywriters use these tips when developing content for online media. If you would like our help in optimizing the readability of your content online, just contact us to get started.

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