What makes a good infographic?.

Infographics 101

Last week we spoke on the importance of visualizing your content. This week, we are specifically focusing on Infographics. An Infographic is a visual, such as a chart or diagram, which is used to represent information or data. Well-designed Infographics can simplify complicated subject matter and make your content more engaging.

The following list outlines the most important aspects to help you create successful Infographics:

The Visuals: The visuals of an Infographic include the colors, graphics, icons, and overall design. The visuals should be consistent within the Infographic and eye-catching to increase engagement.

The Data: The data of an Infographic includes all statistics, references and reliable content. Infographics that are data-driven outperform other Infographics. When including specific statistics, remember to include all sources so your audience can find more in-depth information on the specific facts you have provided.

The Message: The overall message of the Infographic includes all facts and conclusions that convey the overall story, message, or solution. Provide unique insights that are also entertaining to add value to your Infographic. Remember to avoid the heavy use of text when developing Infographics. Infographics that are visual and data driven outperform other Infographics.

The Shareability: The shareability of an Infographic includes the virality, SEO, and the social locations of it. Give your Infographics as much opportunity to be shared as possible. Add all relevant social media buttons to your Infographics to allow your audience to immediately share your work. Also, including an “Embed code” section allows your audience to easily share your Infographic and creates the opportunity to increase SEO.

While Infographics look simple to create, they are usually anything but. Harmon Group is here to help you create successful Infographics! Our team can develop Infographics that illustrate your message in a unique way. Contact us today to get started!

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