Inspire Action by Standing for Something

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Three years ago, TELUS, Canada’s second largest telecom company earned 470,000 new fans in one month. How was this done? The company donated $25 to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation for every purchase of a pink Blackberry phone. The lesson here is people like companies with heart. More importantly, they like companies with heart that actually take action.

Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” This has been a long-held belief of many well-established companies, such as Dupont, The Hershey Company, and PECO, which have incorporated community outreach into their daily practices. However, since the advent of social media, the impact of cause marketing has never been more effective or more important.

Aligning with a cause humanizes your company in a way that the best quality content or campaigns just can’t. Not only will you increase your brand exposure, but your leadership may encourage others to participate in the cause. The key, though, is for your efforts to be genuine. Taking up a cause can’t be a ploy focused only on Likes and followers. Inauthenticity ultimately will show, creating distrust in the minds of your community.

In the December Cause Marketing Masters webinar last month, TELUS’ Jill Schnarr shared the backbone of the company’s success and outlined the following steps to help your business’ cause marketing efforts:

  1. Integrate your giving into your business strategy.
  2. Give what you’re good at.
  3. Enable your employees and retirees to give to the causes they are passionate about
  4. Engage your customers in the effort
  5. Use social media to create a movement for your cause and company
  6. Set targets linked to the success of your business.

Consider her advice when establishing or revisiting your cause marketing calendar.

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