Internet Radio: Here to Stay

Internet radio – radio that is able to stream over the web from virtually anywhere in the world, from a multitude of internet-connected devices – has changed the radio marketing landscape forever. Internet stations like Songza, Pandora, and Spotify are gaining momentum and marketers are taking notice. Below are a few ways internet radio has proven its staying power:

No limits: Unlike traditional radio, internet radio has no broadcast. A listener must be within 30-40 miles of a traditional radio station to pick up its airwaves. Audiences anywhere can listen to internet radio, anytime. This means marketers have more reach to spread their message to audiences around the world.

High targeting capabilities: Internet radio has become a powerful marketing medium because of its ability to highly segment audiences. This segmentation allows marketers to target specific audiences with confidence that their message is reaching the right target market.

Untapped revenue streams: Internet radio is played over devices that offer more opportunities to advertisers than traditional radio. The platforms that play internet radio give advertisers opportunities to take advantage of additional revenue streams such as online banner advertisements and web links that can redirect listeners to your brand’s webpage. These additional revenue streams make internet radio advertising even more appealing to marketers.

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