Lina Caballero Designs

Building a designer brand from the studio up.

Lina Caballero Designs is a New York City-based jewelry brand founded and run by designer Lina Caballero. While creating unique pieces for clients in her studio, she decided to design jewelry that was to her taste, thus fulfilling a lifelong dream of sharing her style and creations with the world.
Lina designed and created a collection of 80+ jewelry pieces, ranging from statement rings to delicate necklaces. But she was unsure how to go to market. She turned to Harmon for marketing help that would generate brand awareness among consumers and generate sales among jewelry retailers.
brand name and assets
Lina was originally designing under a generic name. We recommended that she change it to her actual name, because it was more recognizable, fit with her designer persona, and would be her brand. We were able to get her name trademarked, designed a logo, and had business cards printed.
Lina’s collection fuses mixed metals, delicate diamonds, pops of color, and edgy shapes for a feminine and eclectic aesthetic. Her bold statement rings, mismatched earrings, and simple chains that double as a bracelet and necklace can complete a look, or be the basis for an entire outfit. We felt it was imperative to show the jewelry on a model, especially through video, because we knew that consumers would want to see how the collection could be styled or worn.
We selected a model who would complement the jewelry and the brand, and spent an entire day on set working with Lina and the model. We shot ten looks with her jewelry, using both video and photography. Each video was produced in a high fashion style with unique background music, edited down to 10 to 12 seconds, making them easily shareable on multiple platforms.
product names and descriptions
Lina’s collection was beautiful to look at and wear, but her descriptions were basic. Her jewelry pieces needed names and more enticing information in order to interest the market. She provided us some inspiration, and Harmon’s copywriters put their creative caps on and got to work. In all, names and descriptions were written for 86 pieces of unique jewelry.
We understood that having a functional website that tells the entire story would be fundamental for the Lina Caballero Designs brand success. All of the newly formed elements, including brand assets, videos, and product information, gave us the flexibility to create a compelling website that appeals to consumers on the front end and is a useful tool for retailers on the back end.
In order to build credibility with today’s digital audience, our aim was to design a responsive website that’s both beautiful and useful. This was achieved through a contemporary layout, a logical content hierarchy, and a designer “about” story, with the product videos featuring heavily.
This website was also intended as a way to increase general outreach and business with retailers. We developed a sign up page that allows them to apply to open an Lina account. This also gives them access to the back end of the site, where they can order products directly from Lina.