Listen to those Youngsters

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“What are they putting in the water these days?” my mother asked recently, after witnessing my two and a half year-old niece navigate an iPhone like she was a developer at Cupertino. Granted, my mother struggles to comprehend the complexities of email, but I agree there is something shocking about a toddler operating such a complicated device.

The fact is, technology is second nature to anyone under 30, and young people barely out of college are exercising a virtual coup d’etat on today’s market, using technology to build empires in everything from online publishing to crowdsourced design to alternative energy. Facebook, the largest of the social media juggernauts, was created in a dorm room by college students and is now worth well over $50 billion.

With the onslaught of technological change, it’s tempting to play it safe and stick with business as usual while you wait for the dust to settle. But that’s not a sound strategy in the face of technology, which is constantly evolving.

A better strategy is to listen, learn, and start adapting. Slowly is better than not at all. And who better to help you then the young people leading all this change? Sites like and feature up to the minute tech news in a fresh voice that’s easy to understand, while sites like show what’s captured the interest of every day people—right up to the minute. For geeky gadget news: try

And if you’re still stumped, of course we’re just a good old-fashioned phone call away.

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