Listen Up! Radio Still Claims Its Rightful Place as a Marketing Medium

As the original mass medium, radio has been proven over time to be an advantageous advertising outlet that still deserves a role in marketing strategies. Radio has an enormous reach that spans across demographics, ethnicities, and geographies. We have compiled the following statistics that illustrate just how impactful radio can be:

  • Radio reaches more than 90% of the US population on a weekly basis1
  • There are more than 16,000 stations across the country covering 50 different formats1
  • 70% of Americans ages 18-34, or 51.5 million people, listen to network radio each week2
  • Radio ads drive 5.8% of US retail sales2
  • Each dollar of radio ad spend generates an average sales return of $62
  • Audio consumers are listening to more than 2.5 hours every day1
  • Two thirds of radio’s weekly audience works full time1

Radio is an attractive ad medium because it has one of the highest ROI’s and one of the lowest ad avoidance rates. Also, the audience consists of qualified consumers with money to spend. Another advantage of advertising on radio is that it is a hyper-local medium, allowing you to target specific audiences easily from coast to coast.

Interested in taking advantage of radio to market your brand? The Harmon Group is here to help. We have extensive experience creating radio spots for brands in a variety of industries. Contact us today to get started.

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1. Nielson Audio State of the Industry Report, 2014