Little Symbol. Big Impact.

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Four little lines have changed the face of social media. Let’s be honest, you never really knew what the name of the “#” symbol was before Twitter. These days, the hashtag has a whole new meaning in modern technology. Now you can filter and label your social media posts with the simple addition of this little symbol. People even will use the word “hashtag” in verbal conversations to indicate how they want to label what they just said. Now that hashtags are employed on not only Twitter and Instagram but now Facebook as well, let’s take a look at three basic concepts that will help your hashtag (and therefore your post) perform optimally:

1. #SeparateWordsByCapitalLetters. You can make your hashtag label without capital letters, but separating the words with capital letters makes it clear what you want to say. Consider #nowthatchersdead really was Now Thatcher’s Dead, not “Now That Cher’s Dead”. Separating your words with capitals sends your message while also applying the hashtag label.

2. See What’s Trending. Pay attention to the trends in your industry. Read other tweets and research what hashtags are getting a lot of traffic. Then, make sure to include those hashtags on your tweets to make sure your posts are showing up in the Twitter-sphere.

3. Keep It Short & Succinct. Think carefully about what you want to say and what you want to promote. Long hashtags will bore viewers. The beauty of hashtags is in the magic of a couple words connecting thousands of thoughts.

Social media and hashtags can be confusing. The trends and social media platforms are constantly changing. The expertise and insight of a social media manager can greatly help you navigate how to best utilize hashtags in your social media strategy. Talk to our team if you think you could benefit from the expertise of our social media management team.

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