Make Social Fun!

No doubt you’ve heard how important it is to have a social media presence, but do you know how to use that presence effectively?

Let’s assume your goal is to build consumer awareness and to drive business to your brand. You won’t get far with the occasional self-promotional tweet. A more creative and powerful way is to engage with your audience through the use of a contest.

Here’s one suggestion: You run a dog salon in a medium-sized city. You want to gain new customers and stand out from the competition, so you create a contest where participants can win a free day of pampering for their pooch. You’ll attain the most traction by hosting it through your social media. Invite contestants to share their most adorable picture of their dog to your page, and have people vote for their favorite. Contestants will share the link with family and friends to get votes. The winners will gain a free grooming service, and you’ll acquire followers and build brand awareness.

To ensure that you hold an effective and successful contest, there are a few points to keep in mind:

Make it Mobile-Friendly
This one should be obvious, but it’s worth highlighting. The majority of media is consumed via mobile. If a person participates in a contest on your Facebook page and then visits your website to learn more, it is crucial your website is mobile-responsive. If he or she can’t access it on a phone, you risk that person losing interest in your contest.

Make it Urgent
People are more likely to respond if there is a sense of urgency attached to the contest. One benefit of digital media is how interactive and dynamic it can be. People have a fear of missing out, so giving a clear deadline to your contest will make people feel they need to act now. If your Twitter post encourages people to enter a contest, make sure to display how much time is left to participate. Perhaps incorporate a countdown-clock on your Facebook page.

Make It Their Own
This last tip is simple: Encourage your fans to spread the word for you. The best way to do this is to make your contest fun, creative, and shareable. People pay more attention to pictures and video than text on social media devices. Require participants to share a picture related to the contest (like the dog salon example above) or challenge them to create a 30-second video explaining why they deserve to win. Encourage them to get creative by sharing a funny or moving picture or video. Not only will you get more participants, but you’ll also get more “shares “and “likes.” And if an entry goes viral, you’ve hit the social media jackpot. Your brand will, too.

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