Marketing is War

According to a media usage study by Media Dynamics, Inc., the average consumer is exposed to more than 5,000 ads every day. Out of that number, only 12 ads make an impression.

More than ever, businesses must rely on the creative and unexpected to build buzz. Guerrilla marketing uses innovative and unconventional marketing techniques to gain maximum exposure for a brand or product. Much like guerrilla warfare, this type of marketing relies on the element of surprise in order to be successful.

Guerrilla marketing can take any shape, size, or idea, and can be found on streets or in other public spaces. Street painting and car wraps are a common type. These transform city features and vehicles into an advertisement, and are often simple but make a big statement. McDonald’s did a MacFries Pedestrian Crossing to tempt hungry walkers, while delivery service DHL used a high-resolution car wrap to compare their delivery speed to that of a sports car.

Guerrilla marketing can also be interactive. These e-cast billboards from Sharpie let passersby stop and do something usually frowned upon—create their own graffiti. They could choose from a multitude of colors and write or draw whatever they wanted. More recently, Reebok put their “The Gym is Everywhere” campaign into action by turning bus stop shelters into workout spots, complete with stairs or pull up bars. Offering the public a unique way to experience your brand or product can leave a more memorable impression than traditional advertising.

Guerrilla marketing helps you reach a massive amount of consumers, is a great way to show your brand’s creativity, and can be cost-effective. Give Harmon Group a call and we can discuss a guerrilla marketing strategy that will make your business stand out, build your brand, and leave a lasting impression on consumers. We’ll get everyone talking about you.

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