Native Video 101

Native advertising, ads that are a form of content marketing that share functionality with non-ad content, look the same as the other content on the site, and are included in the consumption experience, was a top marketing trend of 2014. In 2015, native video is projected to be a top trend. So, what exactly is native video and how can it help you make an impact?

Native video allows marketers to cut through the other clutter and advertising noise online to grab the attention of their audience. Video is more engaging than any other forms of content, meaning your audience is more likely to watch a branded video than to pay attention to a traditional online advertisement.

Social media platforms are taking notice of native video and will be integrating them into their sites more in 2015 more than ever before. This is a huge advantage for marketers. Twitter has recently introduced native video capabilities on its platform, which has already been shown to increase engagement from its users. Facebook has multiple capabilities for advertisers to directly upload native videos to the site, increasing overall ad performance and efficiency. When compared to other video ads, Facebook direct upload native videos have a:

  • 30% higher video play rate
  • 2.5x higher click-through-rate
  • 5.5x lower cost per video play
  • 11x larger image*

Native video ads allow marketers to target a specific audience, can improve your ROI, and make your branded content more engaging. If you haven’t taken advantage of native video yet, 2015 is the year to do so.

Interested in integrating native video into your marketing strategy for 2015? The Harmon Group is here to help. With our in-house studio and on-staff videographers, we are fully equipped to produce high quality video for your brand.

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