6 Principles of Relationships and Business

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Regardless of what field you’re in, what product or service you sell, or your physical location, you are in the business of relationships.


Quite simply, relationships build bridges that would not otherwise exist. The idea that …

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Does Name Recognition Still Matter?

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Social networking, content creation, brand engagement. These are the buzzwords of the digital age. But what about good old-fashioned brand name recognition? Is it still something to strive for? And if you have it, does …

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Listen to those Youngsters

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“What are they putting in the water these days?” my mother asked recently, after witnessing my two and a half year-old niece navigate an iPhone like she was a developer at Cupertino. Granted, my mother …

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The Brand Your Brand Could Smell Like

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As the world at large becomes more fluent in social media, it’s important to recognize the effects adapting the trends of the digital world to your marketing strategies can have on your brand.

A brand’s success …

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