Our Favorite Ads of 2015

As 2015 winds down, we want to take a look at some of the best ads in the past year from major brands. They are examples of great creative that send a clear message to their target, and a joy to watch. So let’s look at 3 of our favorites and get inspired to create something even better in 2016.

Unfollow by Adidas


Adidas took advantage of the world’s most popular sport and its biggest star in this commercial featuring Lionel Messi. It follows the story of a young man idolizing this great soccer player before deciding to go out there and prove his own worth on the field. An ad like this not only features plenty of the company’s sports products, but lets everyone know what they’re all about – getting out there and competing. A fun, energizing ad like this can create a great relationship with your customer.

Revenge by Clash of Clans

Sometimes getting a celebrity to appear in an ad comes off as forced and unnecessary, but this time it produces pure comedic gold. Clash of Clans is a new game for smartphones released this year, and their commercial features a very gruff Liam Neeson declaring his quest for revenge against the Internet stranger that bested him, after he eats his scone of course. This kind of light-hearted tone fits the brand perfectly, and shows their viewers that they too can have just as much fun playing their game.

Lost Dog by Budweiser


There’s nothing more American than dogs, hard work, and something refreshing at the end of the day. Budweiser knows exactly how to make you feel emotional by following the harrowing journey of a puppy on his way home to a Budweiser employee. Note that not a single word of dialogue was uttered in this spot, but it still brought plenty of people to tears and was widely regarded as the highlight of the Superbowl commercial slate. Using the iconic imagery of the brand and tapping into a message that can speak to anyone sets them apart from the rest of this year’s ads.

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