Picture the Future with Instagram

In this day and age, using social media platforms to advertise and market products and services is a fairly common practice. However, the nature of some platforms can make it difficult to measure the effectiveness of a post. Instagram is launching a new set of tools that are designed specifically for businesses to measure post engagement beyond likes, views, and comments.

Instagram will be launching a range of features to help businesses really understand their consumers. The update will be dashboard styled and built into the mobile app, which will allow for on-the-go analysis. Brands will be able to see impressions, reach, and total engagement for any post. The update is also going to feature side-by-side comparisons of previous posts in order for brands to receive performance insights. One new tool will permit an organic post (i.e. a standard picture) to become a full advertisement at the click of a button. By simply selecting the option to ‘boost,’ a post will be sent to one’s desired target audience.

The new Instagram dashboard will be free of charge. This is not a trick, but rather a clever business strategy on Instagram’s part. With other previous updates such as targeted ads and video carousels, Instagram CEO, Kevin Systrom, says he hopes the new update will bring more paid advertising. There is no set launch date for the update to take effect, but the code for the update has already been added to the app. It is likely one can expect the new dashboard very soon.

With almost a quarter of a million businesses using Instagram, and with this new analytic tool, now is the time to look into Instagram as a viable advertising platform.

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