Press Play: 3 Steps to Help Firm Up your Online Video Strategy

Did you know that the volume of mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year? And that according to Hubspot, consumers recall 65% of the visual content they view after three days in comparison to only 10% of written content? It should come as no surprise–video is the king of online media. If you want an engaging online marketing strategy, you need video. But before you pull out  your phone and start filming products, pause and consider having a strategy first. We’ve come up with three steps that will have you saying lights, camera, action in no time! 

Plan Ahead.

Before you get started, ask yourself some basic questions: What’s the purpose of this video(s)? Are you trying to make your website more engaging with category header videos? Did you just get a new collection in and you want to showcase it to area shoppers via social media? Have customers had great experiences at your store, and you want them to share with others? Once you figure out what your purpose is, decide who you’re trying to target (self-purchasing women ages 25-40 vs millennial couples). Once you know this, you’ll be able to hone in on how your videos should look creatively (models, a voiceover vs music, using real customers, etc). 

Show & Tell. Don’t Just Sell. 

Video is one of the most personal ways to interact with consumers. You have complete control over how your message is perceived, so it’s important to find the right tone. Customers relate to a brand that speaks to them and their interests, and scroll past brands that bombard them with salesy speeches and shots. Consider how much more impactful a Mother’s Day campaign would be if your videos show products and a target audience member’s point of view, or had a relatable story arc. Shoppers like to see themselves reflected in your marketing. Even with advertising money behind it, a video like this feels more organic. 

Short & Sweet. 

Consumers scroll through 300 feet of content daily.  Often, they’ll stop and watch video–without the sound on. Give them bite size chunks of video content that are interesting–and that make them click for more information. Whether it’s for social media, in an email blast, or for your website, try to keep your video 30 seconds or under. A quick, effective message will be appreciated by customers, creating a positive connection with your brand.

Of course there are some exceptions, like a product unboxing video, or a video of a couple sharing their experience with your store or brand. These lengthier videos are okay; just make sure they’re accessible for all (add those subtitles). 

Bonus Round: Should I phone it in? 

Smartphone cameras have gotten better with every upgrade. Still, we only recommend using them for things like Facebook Live events or quick daily social media videos. If you’re looking to run a targeted ad campaign, or create website worthy videos, you need professionally-created, high resolution videos. Phone videos–even when paired with a light box–are not the way to go. They will not give you the creative content audiences are looking for. 

If you’re hesitant about any of these steps, or you’d like someone else to be behind the camera or handle the editing work, we have 30+ years experience. And we like to stay tip top on all the trends, so we’re always exploring how we can be innovative with video on social media. Want to have a conversation? or 615-256-3393.