Clinical Solutions



Clinical Solutions is a pharmaceutical dispensing and project management company exclusively serving correctional facilities.


Clinical Solutions engaged us to help them with their RFP responses. They asked for assistance in developing a marketing plan that would help them better compete in the marketplace.

Our Approach:

We developed a marketing plan for Clinical Solutions and redesigned their RFP response, print collateral, and website.


Clinical Solutions was extremely pleased with the outcome and won the next 6 RFP’s they responded to.

Harmon has been an incredible addition to our sales and marketing team. We have been so impressed by the amount of quality work that has been produced this past year. Clinical Solutions has landed 6 accounts in the past 4 months due to the aid of Harmon and their proposal/RFP collaboration and brochure content. One of the reasons we enjoy working with Harmon is due to the ability to have at your fingertips an array of different talented marketing folks. Whether it be from brochure writing, RFP creation templates, or web design.

– Christi Throneberry, CEO of Clinical Solutions

  • Branding
  • Responsive Design
  • Strategy Planning
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