Cordova Jewelry Remount Campaign

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Founded in 1950 by Murray Kagan, Cordova is a multi-generational, family owned and operated jewelry manufacturer that specializes in bridal, fashion, and Encore jewelry.


Cordova wanted to introduce their products to consumers in a way that would generate a demand for Cordova products to be carried in retail stores. They needed a website redesign that would appeal to the consumer while also offering back-end functionality that would serve their retailers’ needs as well. Cordova also needed advertising materials for trade shows and industry publications to introduce new product lines to retailers.

Our Approach:

After careful consideration, and in conjunction with Cordova, we created a website designed to appeal to both a jewelry purchaser and a jewelry retailer. The consumer can browse the multitude of exquisite jewelry designed by Cordova and then utilize the “find a retailer” selection tool to locate a store in their area. The site also offers robust marketing materials for Cordova’s retailers, allowing them to easily advertise Cordova’s jewelry lines.


Cordova has introduced many incredibly successful jewelry lines with the support of our team. The winning combination of an extraordinary website, stunning trade ads, and engaging sales brochures keeps them on a positive growth trajectory.