Harmon Catalog

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For decades, Harmon Catalog has been the leading independent jewelers’ source for catalogs and magazines. We produce more publications for more stores in the US and Canada than any other firm.


How does the independent jeweler affordably attain a catalog or magazine that is the equal or superior to those created by the most elegant chain jewelers? Answer: They call us.

Our Approach:

We create each piece to appeal to a store’s unique clientele. Most of our catalogs are composed from our stores’ choice of pages from the hundreds of branded vendor pages we create each year (though we will create catalogs comprised entirely of a store’s in-house designs). Our jewelry photographers, page designers, and writers are superb. Their combined efforts result in catalogs and magazines that are the most elegant, impressive, and affordable in the industry.


The magazine or catalog is mailed to a specific and targeted list of recipients, resulting in a very reliable and measurable increase in sales. And vendor co-op programs often lessen or eliminate all costs to the retailer.