Maximus Arms

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Although a new gun manufacturer, Maximus Arms offers over twenty years of experience handling and producing high quality firearms. Their goal is to provide the finest 1911 pistols in the industry, and they are proud that each and every part of their pistols and pistol cases are 100 percent made in the USA.


Maximus Arms asked for assistance in developing a total rebranding identity package and marketing campaign.

Our Approach:

We worked with Maximus Arms to develop a marketing plan to suit their needs, improve their image and branding, and give them a more professional look as they developed their product to bring to market. We re-worked their existing logo, developed print collateral, established a social strategy, redesigned their website, and initiated a public relations campaign by reaching out to gun dealers across the country.


Maximus Arms was able to successfully launch their first pistol, the Gladiator 1911, and saw an increase in brand awareness and loyal customers.