Peter Storm

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Peter Storm is a well-known jewelry designer renowned for his bridal designs. Quality and elegance are constants in all of his jewelry.


We were selected to help Peter Storm introduce his “Rock Your Love™” collection, which combines rock ‘n’ roll and new designs in bridal jewelry, and has been designed for the millennial bride. The “Rock Your Love™” collection was created to bring a fresh approach to traditional wedding ring concepts.

Our Approach:

We developed a striking and visually beautiful ad campaign to introduce the collection. We also designed a Facebook app that allowed visitors to view the “Rock Your Love™” collection on a digital jukebox. The app invited prospective customers to click on a jukebox to see and share their favorite rings, thereby exposing them to the wide variety of bridal rings available from Peter Storm.


Peter Storm considers his “Rock Your Love™” collection to be one of his more celebrated launches.