Princesse Legacy Pearls

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A sub-brand under Byard F. Brogan, the Princesse Legacy Pearls brand provides fine cultured pearls for addition and gifts that turn into traditions over time.


Princesse Legacy Pearls asked for assistance in introducing the brand to several new marketplaces to increase consumer demand and the number of retailers carrying their pearls in-store.

Our Approach:

We worked with Princesse Legacy Pearls to develop a comprehensive social media strategy to suit their needs. We created all necessary platforms and engaged consumers online through daily interaction. In addition, we worked with Princesse Legacy Pearls to develop an exclusive line of children-focused e-books, The Adventures of Princesse Pearl, to add value for consumers.


Princesse Legacy Pearls recognized increased brand awareness and consumer demand for their pearls through the social media efforts and online storybook. They also saw an increase in overall pearl sales due to the popularity of the e-campaign.