Princesse Legacy Pearls

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Byard F. Brogan, a provider of fine cultured pearls and cultured pearl starter strands. They put a focus on gift giving and starting a tradition that grows with each pearl added.


Byard F. Brogan asked for assistance introducing the Princesse Legacy Pearls brand to several new marketplaces to increase consumer demand and the number of retailers carrying their pearls in-store.

Our Approach:

Though most would assume that the target market would be parents, we realized that that approach was outdated and wasn’t working for the brand. We looked at their products, and determined that the purchase decision makers—and therefore the target market—were little girls. We developed an exclusive series of professionally written and illustrated full-length children’s e-books, “The Adventures of Princesse Pearl,” to appeal to this target market, and get them engaged with the brand and product.

In twelve unique books, the bubbly Princesse Pearl experiences adventure while traveling through her enchanted homeland. By the end of each, she has performed a good deed and is rewarded with a magical pearl. Princesse Pearl’s necklace grows from book to book, and by the end of her adventures, she wears a full strand of pearls. The e-books were made available online for free download, making them easy and accessible for parents and grandparents to read with their children on a variety of digital devices.

While reading these, young girls gain an understanding of ideals like teamwork, honesty, and self-confidence, and are encouraged to put these values into practice. They are excited to earn their pearls and build a necklace, just like Princesse Pearl does.

To support these books, we developed a comprehensive social media strategy. We created all necessary platforms and engaged consumers online through daily interaction. We also created and launched an in-store marketing kit to help stores promote themselves as Princesse Pearl retailers. The kit included hard cover editions of the book, and character cutouts for in-case display.


Princesse Pearl organically gained a following of fans on multiple social media platforms, and has been discussed across the mommy blogosphere, leading to increased brand awareness and consumer demand for their pearls. They also saw an increase in their overall pearl sales.