REPS is a remarkable selling tool designed and programmed by our team. REPS was initially designed as an iPad app for the jewelry industry, but can be customized for a wide range of products and industries.


The traditional jewelry sales representative regularly encounters numerous obstacles on the road when presenting jewelry to local retailers. The most ominous concern is theft, along with other dangers and difficulties inherent to carrying a large amount of valuable jewelry.

Our Approach:

We developed a solution that would allow representatives to carry a small amount of jewelry at a given time, but still enable them to showcase an entire jewelry line, via an iPad app. Our photographers take high resolution photographs of the jewelry, which are then uploaded to REPS. Products can be mixed and matched to the client’s specifications, which allows representatives to easily present jewelry lines in an impressive manner. The REPS application also provides representatives a completely mobile CRM system, contact list, and built-in client-mapping tool.


Both manufacturers and retailers have welcomed REPS as a cost-effective way to present and sell jewelry. REPS is customizable to accommodate any product and should expedite the selling process on a multitude of levels.