SouthLand Constructors



A mid-sized commercial builder, SouthLand Constructors offers the experience and resources of a much larger company, but has the efficiency and customer service of a smaller one. The company delivers projects of virtually any size, from single-office improvements to national headquarter complexes and state-of-the-art medical facilities.


SouthLand Constructors asked for assistance in redesigning their print collateral, including their newsletter. Developing a way to customize each new project bid for the particular project and industry was of significant importance.

Our Approach:

We carefully evaluated each piece of collateral that went into a new bid and determined how SouthLand Constructors could come up with a customized quote and brochure utilizing only the matter relevant to that project. We designed a binder system that could be customized to fit each new project. The potential customers not only see a well-put-together quote, but one that is pertinent for their industry.


SouthLand Constructors has a professional looking presentation to send for each bid. The presentation is of impressive quality, and perfectly tailored to each client.