Terramour by Mark Schneider

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Mark Schneider is the most award-winning jewelry designer in the world, and the only living designer to have his jewelry permanently displayed in the Smithsonian Institute. He has designed both bridal and colored gemstone jewelry, and considers his creations to be wearable works of art.


Mark Schneider asked for assistance in bringing his new eco-conscious, affordable bridal line to market. The rings are designed using created diamonds, which have a certain stereotype attached to them. We needed to explain the benefits of created diamonds while sustaining the romance that is an integral part of a Mark Schneider bridal line.

Our Approach:

After careful consideration of the demographic, we developed a brand strategy that focused on how the benefits of created diamonds match the consumer’s priorities. We crafted a name, logo, and color scheme that is romantic but hints at the created diamond aspect of the line, and produced trade show materials that explain how the Terramour Collection appeals to a retailer’s millennial clients.


Mark unveiled his Terramour Collection at an industry trade show with full marketing support. Booth signs and brochures provided each visitor with all the essential information needed to form a partnership and put the new line in their store.