Reach Your Audience on Instagram

Perhaps you’ve heard of Instagram, the wildly popular app that allows users to post pictures and videos with unique filters and share them across various social media. Now with over 300 million users, this platform is poised to break out as an innovative tool for marketing your brand.

In fact, Instagram advertising has already brought in a reported $595 million, and brand adoption is at a whopping 85%. Imagine reaching your audience in one of the most exciting areas for today’s consumers. But how can you make sure your message will resonate? There are many ad types on Instagram to choose from based on your objectives, but by targeting the right audience, displaying a creative visual and using a clear call to action, you’ll be enticing Instagram users to engage with your brand. Depending on how creative the messaging is, users may even tag their friends and family, which will lead to even more brand exposure.

Need help crafting a message for this exciting new medium? How about any other traditional, digital, or social media campaign? Harmon Group has you covered with a dedicated team to make sure your brand gets noticed.

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