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Real-Time Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Real-time marketing is the practice of engaging your audience through content, advertising, or media placement that is relevant to current trends or cultural events. Consumers can now interact with brands faster than ever before and real-time trends are revolutionizing marketing. Real-time marketing increases consumer engagement, improves customer experiences, and increases conversion rates. Successful real-time marketing efforts require creativity, social savvy, and perfect timing. Below are a few tips to ensure a successful real-time marketing initiative:

Do: Align your message to connect with your audience and brand. Good content will resonate with your audience, increasing engagement. Think before you speak and remember to be creative with your messaging.

Don’t: Being first isn’t always best. Don’t compromise quality content in favor of being the first to bring the message to the marketplace. Take the time to understand how your audience will react to a specific event before reacting, creating emotional symmetry.

Do: Integrate real-time marketing efforts with existing campaigns when possible. Tying your real-time marketing efforts with your brand’s larger mission will have a greater impact on your audience.

Don’t: Don’t force it. Real-time marketing is all about relating to current trends or events. Don’t try to create a connection to something when there isn’t one just to be part of the trend. Align with trends and events that are relevant to your brand to reap the most benefits from your real-time marketing efforts.

Real-time marketing is here to stay but is not as easy as it may seem. If you need help creating your own real-time marketing initiatives, Harmon Group is here to help! We stay on top of all trends that may be relevant to your brand and know how to capitalize on them for the greatest impact. Contact us today to get started.

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