Retargeting: Track Your Consumers

Retargeting is quickly becoming one of digital marketing’s favorite go-to tools. It’s a favorite because rather than trying to reach a new audience, retargeting is used to re-engage an audience that has had a previous experience with a brand. By targeting online users who have visited their website, brands are able to reach an audience that has already shown interest.

Consider a typical male shopping online for power tools. He looks at drills on Brand A’s website, but decides not to purchase. Because this website uses tracking/retargeting pixels, he becomes marked as part of the audience for Brand A’s drills, and he will be targeted with relevant online advertisements. If this man is on a different site later—say a sports blog or news site—he may see ads on the side of the page that promote Brand A’s drills, safety goggles, or other similar products. If these ads do what they are meant to do, he will revisit Brand A’s website and convert.

Because nearly 70% of Americans shop online monthly, retargeting is an effective tool that gives brands mass exposure with a relevant audience. Though it sounds like a straightforward process, there are a few challenges attached. Retargeting often uses banner ads, which must be creative and eye-catching. And it’s a commitment—it takes at least three months of ad impressions to see results with a targeted audience.

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