Saxon’s Diamond Centers

We Know Bridal: And We Developed a Campaign Directed at Potential Engagement Ring-Buying Men: Just Say No to Malls.

Engaging More Market Share
Saxon’s Diamond Centers is a major jewelry retailer with two stores just outside the Baltimore area. Bridal is their top product category, and in early spring 2017, they were facing competition from jewelry stores in local malls. Our mission? Drive bridal traffic out of malls and into Saxon’s by changing consumer perception–freestanding brick and mortar stores such as Saxon’s can be affordable, offer financing solutions and great service, and ultimately end up being a better deal.
The Big Sparkly Idea
We created a simple tongue-in-cheek message that underscored how an important life decision–like choosing an engagement ring–shouldn’t be made beside the mall food court. The message guided men away from the mall, while offering them a direct benefit of going to Saxon’s instead: monthly financing as low as $39/month. We developed an out of home marketing approach aimed directly at men ages 18-35, and pushed the message out.
Customers Say I Do
Saxon’s saw an annual increase of 35% in gross bridal sales between both retail locations in just one year.
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