Should You Join the Emoji Game? 😊

Emojis, those intriguing yellow smiley faces and other illustrations, have taken the Internet by storm, allowing a new, fun way to communicate with your audience. Even adding a simple emoji to the subject line of your email blast could increase your open rate. This easy little trick isn’t, however, for every company and every email blast.

The key is understanding who you are as a brand and what you are trying to accomplish. Say you’re a shoe store. Adding a colorful emoji to a playful brand jumps out to your subscribers and grabs their attention. An emoji is used to enhance your already great content and reach a particular audience who appreciates new methods of communication.

Try it out for yourself. When sending an email blast try A/B testing the subject line. Half the subscribers get an emoji and the other half doesn’t. Afterward, compare the results. If the emoji works, run with it. However, if they do work for your company, use them sparingly. You will see the best results when your subscribers aren’t expecting to see an emoji, because you don’t want to overuse this trick to the point of diminishing returns.

Always make sure your emoji is content relevant. If your email is about Thanksgiving, don’t add a pizza emoji or random snowman. Make sure everything flows together. A simple turkey or pumpkin will get the tone of your message across in a fun way.

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