Slogan or Tagline?

Everyone has heard a catchy phrase at the end of a commercial that leaves a lasting impression and creates a positive memory associated with what you just saw. But what about letting people know what your company is all about? That’s the difference between a tagline and a slogan, and knowing it can help create more effective messages to your audience.

Look at taglines first. They’re usually short, clever and sum up what the message of an advertisement is about, but they don’t say much regarding the company it represents. Look at Coca Cola’s recent TV spots as an example. Their tagline over the past year has been “share a Coke with…” leading people to believe that their main message is that of sharing. But that’s really just a nice cap on the theme of that particular commercial. Their slogan is something else entirely, and it says much more about the brand as a whole. Neglecting to emphasize your slogan over a tagline can cause confusion and mixed messages to your audience.

Coca Cola’s slogan is “open happiness,” a much stronger message about the joy that their brand can bring people, and it can be used across all types of media. See the difference? That phrase lends itself to anything, and it says what Coke represents, not just one particular ad. While a brand like Coke has enough recognition that they won’t be negatively affected by some miscommunication, for most people it’s very important to be careful how you phrase your message.

Utilizing both taglines and slogans, and knowing which should be emphasized, can be tricky business, but you can create lasting impressions if used the right way. But what about creating a great slogan? This should be the call to action to everyone being exposed to your brand. Think about what you really want to represent. Fast service? Top quality? There’s plenty of options; you just have to make sure you’re heard the way you want to be.

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