Social is the New King of Advertising

With the advent of the internet, reaching your target audience has never been easier. Although digital advertising grows in popularity every year, it’s not too late to take advantage. Since there is aggressive competition for ad placement, many people think that digital advertising is cost-prohibitive, but there are still ways to get in the game and not break the bank. We excel in finding innovative ways to earn our clients the best ROI for the least investment, as illustrated in a recent Mother’s Day promotion we developed and implemented.

A manufacturer asked us to promote their brand with the goal of driving consumers to buy from their retail partners. After evaluating the brand’s identity and determining what audiences to target, we chose 10 geographically disparate retail locations and created an incredible campaign that was sure to capture consumer interest. Our research indicated that the brand’s target audience would respond best on Facebook, so we decided to utilize that social platform exclusively.

We developed 3 posts—including 2 propped stills and a :15 second video—to post on the 10 different jewelry retailers’ Facebook pages during the 2 week period leading up to Mother’s Day. With only $150 spent per retailer to boost the posts, we watched the numbers grow and the positive feedback accumulate.

The campaign was a phenomenal success. 62,239 people were reached with 100,182 impressions. Of those reached, 27,136 interacted with our boosted posts by clicking, commenting, liking, or sharing. Even better, retailers sold a total of 85 units (with some stores selling up to 19 units).

Our client was thrilled, and we confirmed yet again that social advertising is a budget-friendly way to reach target audiences and obtain excellent results. Not only can you choose who will see your ads based on location, but you can also narrow down your audience by interests and recent browsing history.

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