Social Media Contests: Do’s and Don’ts

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Running contests through social platforms are a great way to promote your company. Not only do they engage existing followers, they are the perfect tools to help build your social audience. Remember the following before running your next social media contest.

Do: Choose Wisely
Choose the right kind of contest and a relevant yet exciting prize. There are a wide variety of contests from which to choose. Do the research to see the benefits of each kind of contest and choose the one that best suites your needs.

Don’t: Make Entry Complicated
Make the entry simple. The goal is to get as many people involved as possible. The easier the entry form, the more likely people will be willing to take the time to enter.

Do: Promote/Follow Up
Schedule your contest with plenty of time to promote it before the start date. This will build excitement and enhance awareness about the contest, as well as increase engagement once it begins. Continue to promote the contest while it is happening and remember to follow up with fans once the contest ends. Thank fans for participating and let them know who won. Don’t forget to utilize a contest-specific hash-tag to increase the virality of your contest.

Don’t: Ignore Other Channels
Different social platforms appeal to different audiences. Don’t ignore other social channels, just because your contest is taking place on a different one. Utilize all of your platforms to cross promote your contest and gain as much awareness and participation as possible.

Do: Collect Information and Use It
Social contests are a great way to build up existing databases. Take advantage of the contest entry form to collect pertinent information and use the opt-in data for future marketing purposes.

Don’t: Run Contests for Extended Periods
Keep your contest short and sweet. Running contests for extended periods of time will cause participants to lose interest. A good rule of thumb is a contest should run for 30 days or less.

One last thing to remember before running a contest is to read the guidelines on each social platform to avoid getting banned! All of these tips will help you run a successful social media contest.

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