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The days of link building to improve SEO are long gone as search engines become increasingly intelligent in finding new and better ways to rank websites. Social SEO refers to the idea that social media now has a large impact on a company’s SEO. This means there are considerable benefits to having active social media accounts. They have become a major factor when search engines index data, so that social media continually impacts a company’s ratings. Companies need to be dynamic, engaging, and interactive to improve SEO and social media provides the perfect outlet to do so.

Social media boosts your SEO by speeding up how quickly your content gets indexed by search engines. In some cases, it can cut the process in half. The less time it takes for your information to get indexed, the faster your sites will be ranked online. Social media also helps multiply your presence online. Everyone is on social media sites and actively participating where your audience is will build brand awareness as well as a social buzz around your company. Finally, social links bring real traffic to your website. Instead of paying for link building, which is translated as spam online and is rarely seen by potential customers, social links are viewed as authentic by search engines, increasing the probability of potential and current customers visiting your website and your social platforms.

Companies need to take advantage of social SEO because old tactics can be inefficient and can end up hurting a company’s online reputation. Social SEO is about consistency and building authentic relationships. Remember to be as descriptive as possible when engaging on social platforms and to update all information on a regular basis. Utilizing social SEO will result in better search engine rankings for your company.

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