Stay on Top of Trending Topics in 3 Simple Steps

Following trending topics is an important part of any marketer’s daily responsibilities. Not only does it keep you up to date on what is going on in the world, staying on top of trending topics can also be a great source for content ideas. We have outlined 3 simple steps to help you stay on top of trending topics below:

Be active online: Spend time each day to be active online, especially on social media sites. Facebook and Twitter do a great job of keeping their followers updated on trending topics. Taking the time to see what is buzzing online is the perfect way to find indicators of what topics are trending.

Sign up for trend-finding services: Sign up for email alerts from an online service like Google Alerts. You will receive daily emails alerting you to when specific topics are trending. Services like this make it easier for you to stay on top of what is trending.

Follow the news: Whether it is local or national, following the news is always a good way to see what is going on. It is important to not just rely on online sources to keep up with trending topics. The news is the perfect outlet to help you keep up with trending topics online and offline.

Following current trends and popular topics will help you keep your content relevant. By joining the conversation you will also be able to boost your social reach and expand your audience without having to pay for it.

Still having trouble staying on top of trending topics on a daily basis? The Harmon Group is here to help. Our team is on top of anything and everything that is trending. Contact us today to get started.

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