It’s no secret that email marketing is here to stay. It’s a powerful tool. Consulting firm McKinsey tells us that email is 40x more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. Even the slickest social media strategies aren’t able to reach directly into your customers’ inboxes.

Sadly, many mailing lists aren’t delivering results. Newsletters or announcements about upcoming promotions are sent out, and the wait for increased engagement is on. But that engagement never comes.

But don’t be discouraged because Harmon is here to help. Here are your first three steps to supercharging your email list.

Create a Giveaway
That’s right. Give away a sample of your expertise. Why? It translates into authority. The customer is smart enough to know your sample is just the tip of the iceberg. They’ll be happy to pay when they come back for more. But the gesture goes a long way to creating loyalty.

Start with a free PDF or eBook. “5 Steps to Winter-Proof Your Plumbing.” “Free Holiday Hosting Guide.” “8 Things to Consider When Buying Jewelry.” Nobody really wants to join another mailing list. But they’ll do it in exchange for something that offers them value. Just take StoryBrand, a consulting firm that gives you an entire online course in exchange for signing up. Your company can start smaller than that, but the principle is the same.

A Great Welcome Email
Running your business fills your schedule. We get it. Any time you’re able to automate one of your processes, that’s a win. Did you know you can set up your email service to send automated welcome emails?

A potential customer is never more receptive to your message than when you’ve just given them something for free. It’s the perfect time for you to shoot over an email touting your paid services or products. Imagine all this happening automatically. Just avoid an aggressive hard sell when setting this up. It’ll go a long way in building trust.

Set Up an Automated Campaign
Your email marketing doesn’t end with your initial welcome email. In fact, that’s just the beginning. Every email marketing service lets you set up entire automated campaigns. These are groups of pre-written emails that go out automatically on a schedule.

Let’s say a customer buys a product from your online store. First, she receives an email that thanks her for her business. A week later, she receives a second email inviting her to share about her new purchase on social media. Another week later, she receives a third email with a discount towards her next purchase.

Automated campaigns like this can be triggered by other actions too. Many companies set up a “Get to Know Us” campaign that’s triggered by a new subscription. Or to remind a customer about his abandoned online shopping cart.

If you’ve got your hands full, Harmon is always here to help. We’ll help you decide what kind of automated campaigns work best for you. Our copywriters will nail your company’s unique voice. And our designers will create eye-catching layouts consistent with your brand. If you want to stop losing customers to a poorly performing mailing list, call or email us today.

If you want to know more about what we can do for your brand or business, contact us.