Tap Into the Millennial Market

One of the most coveted targets for marketing efforts is the millennial generation. They represent one of the biggest spenders of any age group, plus this spending will grow as they become larger money earners. Here are a few tips to make sure your advertising messages are on point.

Go Where They Are
If there’s one medium that defines the millennial generation, it’s digital. Many companies have trouble understanding how to break into this form of advertising, but it’s one surefire way to reach this target audience. Make sure you have a great marketing strategy that lends itself to not just print, television, and radio, but also digital. Using email marketing, social media and online videos as an extension of your campaign can assure you reach millennials.

Just Be You
There’s been a notable tonal shift in what messages work best in the past decade or so, and that’s especially true with millennials. Gone are the days of overly verbose claims of being “the best product in town.” Millennials appreciate honesty and transparency in the content they consume, and a message in that vein resonates much more. When you’re creating a marketing strategy, keep in mind how best to speak to this group of people.

Treat Them Like Individuals
There has been much talk about millennials being the “me” generation, and for better or worse, they like customized, personal content. When you create a campaign, be sure to target them in a way that speaks to their interests and personalities, and not just a wide-reaching attempt at generalizing the entire generation. So rather than messaging that says “buy these shoes that everyone’s wearing” stick to something more like “our shoes will fit your lifestyle.”

Unsure of how to reach this segment? Don’t be. Harmon Group has years of experience and the tools to get in touch with millennials. Our trained staff of designers, planners, and even social media executives can help elevate your brand by connecting with this generation.

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