Rick Arnemann - CEO

Our fearless leader, Rick started The Harmon Group in the late 1980’s, when people still walked to work, uphill, both ways, in the snow. As a result, we at the office like to end statements about Rick with, “like a boss.”

But don’t let his sweet disposition fool you. In every client situation, Rick is a driver that pushes everyone to excel and come up with better and more creative ideas . . . like a boss.

Drives: Fast

Always Has: Opini . . . unique perspectives

Ken Schulz - President of Harmon Catalog

“Whistle while you work” is always Ken’s motto! You can tell when he’s walking by because he’s usually humming or whistling some tune! As president of Harmon Catalog, his projects and designs sing too. He is always on top of the latest trends in industry designs and how to best help our clients.

Voice: Deep

Compliments: Often

Barry Jones - VP of Creative Services

Just call him the Oracle. Barry is a marketing guru our clients rely on for divine inspiration and seamless execution. Equal parts artist and strategic task-master, Barry is legendary for drawing a 60-second commercial storyboard with one hand while thumb wrestling an Excel spreadsheet to the ground with the other-all without breaking a sweat. Also legendary: Barry’s uncanny ability to remember faces, predict the future, and spot a troublemaker at 50 paces.

Book: The Stand, by Stephen King

Favorite Quote: “I smell creativity.” – Don Draper

Charles Priddy - Senior Account Executive

If you want to make sure your job is done right, Charles is the man to see. As a seasoned veteran of The Harmon Group, Charles led as a designer and art director for nine years before stepping into the role of senior account executive for Harmon Catalog in 2011. The transition was natural, considering his deep knowledge of the jewelry industry, meticulous attention to detail, and impeccable organizational skills. In his spare time, Charles enjoys traveling across the globe, a good meal with friends, and James Bond movies.

Hidden talent: Playing trumpet

A Total Snob About: Vodka

Nathan Skelton - Senior Web Developer

Nathan is our on-site techie. He is the wizard behind the scenes making sure your website or app has all the bells and whistles it needs. Stop by his office and you are likely to find him sitting behind multiple computer screens calmly working on a never-ending list of different projects. As he likes to say, “I can pick anything up and just roll with it.” Needless to say, he is in high demand around here.

Collects: Whiteboards

Hidden Talent: Hidden

Jessica Lindner - Writer

Jess is our writer in residence. If you need a character brief, feature article, or Hallmark-worthy greeting card copy, she’s your go-to scribe. When she’s not penning the next great press release, you can find Jess exploring Nashville, or browsing the shelves at Parnassus Books.

Passionate about: The Oxford Comma

Creative Inspiration: Iced black coffee

Stephanie Arnemann - Fashionista and Writer

Stephanie is our resident fashion magazine RSS feed. If you tell her about a recent article you read on clothing or jewelry design, she’s likely to interrupt and quote it for you.

Fortunately, this makes her a perfect fit to write our monthly E-style newsletter where she shares fashion trends, research, predictions, and what she really thinks about your outfit.

Won’t Touch: Oysters

If You See a Cheetah and Zebra Pattern Outfit You Will: Scream

Katrine Brunsman - Graphic Designer

Soft-spoken and sassy don’t normally go together, but if you know Katrine, you understand completely. Quiet she may seem, but don’t be fooled. She’s as passionate about her work as she is about her basset hounds. Her passion and team spirit come out as she unleashes her graphic wizardry on all of her work.

TV: Modern Family

Quote: “Be careful of the words that come out of your mouth; you may have to eat them later.”