Tell The Story of Your Brand

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Marketing and branding are great methods to tell your unique brand story. Everything your company puts out portrays that story, and the art is in doing it effectively. Are you coming across in the best possible way? Are you telling your story to prospective clients in such a way that it is resonating with them?

Let’s look at a few vital parts to telling your brand’s story:

Create a Cast of Characters: 

Illustrate client experiences and portray your brand from their perspective. The important thing is to create characters that enable your audience to become emotionally connected to your brand and its message.

Be Genuine: 

Honesty and transparency is key in brand storytelling. While you are crafting an image you want to portray, the message needs to be rooted in the reality of your brand. Always remember that authenticity is incredibly important.

Be Consistent: 

Make sure that your logo(s), color scheme, and messages are consistent across all media and in all of the materials your company releases. Inconsistency will be confusing, and misperception can be a major brand killer. You want your logo and name to be recognizable anytime, anywhere, just like Kleenex, Band-Aid, Apple, McDonalds, and so on.

Tell Your Story
: Talk about who you are and tell your target what you do. If you offer a unique service or product, make sure it is clear to the general public. If there is a story to be told, consider sharing the history of your company, explaining why the organization does what it does.

Keep Them Wanting More
The stories you tell should always point your clients back to you and your company. You should complete your brand story with how you interact with your clients so they will want to enter into the relationship with you. These tactics offer great 
opportunities to bring attention to you and your brand.

As with all brand-building efforts, your goal is to surround consumers with your message so they can decide how they want to interact with you. Give them multiple ways to enjoy your brand story and 
you’ll find yourself moving closer to achieving your marketing goals. If you’d like to learn more about how to present your brand’s message, contact us.

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