The Big Idea Might be Hiding Where You Least Expect It

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We’re in the business of being creative. Every day our clients challenge us to come up with ideas. Big ideas! Exciting ideas! Effective ideas.

Ideas that sell.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with drawing inspiration from within your own industry—it’s an important part of the creative process. But looking within is not enough.

To get to the good stuff—the really creative, inspired, Eureka! stuff—you’ve got to bring the outside in. See what scientists and sociologists have to say. Find out what’s percolating in the minds of math nerds, military strategists, and musicians. Inspiration is everywhere, and thanks to the Internet, we can access it more readily than ever before.

Three inspiring sites that help feed our creative fire include:

TED Talks: “Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Twitter: You don’t have to tweet to be on Twitter. You can sign up just to follow a flock of fascinating folks—like social media rock star @ChrisBrogan, Digital Trendspotter @mashable, writer/former actress/and funny lady Colleen Wainwright @Communicatrix, or flight instructor/private investigator/NPR producer Kim Green @AviatrixKim (just to name a few)… and you don’t have to say a word.

Mental Floss: Need a cheat sheet on the Bronte sisters? A tutorial on how pencils are made? Or statistics about the tongues of hummingbirds (they have creepily long tongues), Mental Floss gives you the hook up.

Those are just three among many (many!) sites that get our creative juices flowing. What are some of yours? Hit us up with some of your favorite links via @HarmonGrp or on Facebook, and next time someone asks, “Where do you get your creative ideas” we will all have plenty of answers.

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