The Brand Your Brand Could Smell Like

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As the world at large becomes more fluent in social media, it’s important to recognize the effects adapting the trends of the digital world to your marketing strategies can have on your brand.

A brand’s success has always been at the mercy of their audience – but it’s a different playing field today. Today that audience can be more actively involved in determining something’s distributive worth. Where the sheer power of “word of mouth” once reigned in the realm of consumer awareness, we now have “click to share”. Enter the viral video.

As evidenced in the article by Neil Davidson on the success of the Old Spice campaign, “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”, an effective video can do wonders for your brand. It connects to your buyers on their level. They enjoy the video and so they pass it along to their friends and associates. And thus, it becomes viral. It’s the kind of thing that, once produced, essentially raises its own awareness.

As it did with Old Spice, the viral video can integrate your brand into the mainstream – where it might not have been before – and boost recognition…and subsequently, profits.

However, because your audience is the one who decides whether or not your video will go viral, it’s not advised to actually set out to make a viral video – you can only make a video or commercial in the hopes that it will generate mass exposure on its own. There is a fastidious nature to online communities, and as Don Power points out in his article, there are several things you have to keep in mind if you think this avenue might be one to pursue for your brand.

There’s no need to be discouraged if you think video is right for you – as long as you’re committed to staying on top of trends and you fully understand the preferences of your audience, you can give them something they’ll find worthy of sharing. You – like many companies have before – can enjoy immeasurable success through your efforts in video, whether it goes viral or not.

If you have questions on how video marketing can help your brand, we are always just a phone call (or a couple of keystrokes) away.

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