The Edge

Developing an omnichannel marketing campaign for the jewelry industry’s leading total solution software.

The Edge is a leading point-of-sale software used by thousands of independent jewelry retailers across North America. More than software, they offer a total solution that specifically caters to the evolving challenges of the jewelry industry, and have a variety of integrations with their software, from websites and digital marketing, to warranty care plans and credit card processing.


After a period of lackluster marketing and seeing the open rate of new accounts fall flat, The Edge enlisted Harmon’s services. We developed a cohesive, omnichannel marketing strategy for the year.

the edge talks campaign

Our central focus was creating a campaign that reinforced The Edge as a total solution for retail jewelers. Because actual Edge clients could talk about how they use the software best—and because their fellow retail peers would trust their reviews more than just a bunch of marketing scribble—we quickly decided on a testimonial-based campaign. And then we upped the ante with video-based testimonials, because we know that those convert well.


Inspired by Ted Talks, we created a marketing campaign dubbed, “The Edge Talks.” The Edge provided us a list of retailers who were eager to be interviewed, and each month we hit the road for a full day of filming at their stores. We went prepared with questions to help prompt the retailers, who talked about the various ways they’d used The Edge to boost sales, turn inventory over more quickly, and overall improve the management of their stores.


We edited each retailer’s footage into a three to five minute video, which we posted on a landing page, We created print and digital ads that ran in industry publications (print and online), as well as email blasts. This all featured retail images and the high points of the video testimonial, and talked about The Edge in general. We also developed trade show materials and on-hold messaging that used testimonial quotes. All marketing pointed back to, so anyone drawn in by the testimonial quotes could watch videos of retailers telling their complete Edge stories.


Over 2019, we implemented six different Edge retailers into the campaign. By year’s end, The Edge had experienced a 20% increase in business over 2018.