The Evolution of Mobile in 2016

Mobile devices are integrated into our daily lives, so it’s no surprise that mobile marketing is here to stay. Mobile traffic exceeded desktop user traffic for the first time in 2015, a strong sign that consumers are gravitating more toward digital media. Brands are increasingly turning to mobile marketing to reach consumers, so here are the key 2016 trends you should know.

The lines are beginning to blur between apps, social networks and e-commerce.
E-commerce is growing, and brands on social networks want in. From Pinterest’s “Buyable Pins” buttons to Instagram’s discreet “Shop Now” feature, social networks are integrating their applications with e-commerce accessibility. These features make it convenient for consumers to purchase products at their fingertips, and brands have the opportunity to track these online sales and justify their ad spend.

Video on mobile is growing.
Videos are engaging and allow brands to communicate with consumers in an interactive way. Brands have been running short video ads on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and SnapChat to reach consumers for some time now. Google recently announced it will be incorporating video ads into its search results, which could be a great asset for brands; think product videos in shopping results just to start.

Apps are evolving to suit consumers’ needs.
Currently consumers are having issues with data overages and choosing an app among the thousands available that suits them best. App developers are taking notice. A top trend for 2016 is the creation of apps that reflect consumers’ unique lifestyles, and that make their lives easier. Think of an app that can track heart rates, the weather, calorie and water intake, and features updated news headlines. Having this information contained in a single, easily accessible location is valuable and convenient to consumers. About 50% of people who download an app say they never use it more than once, so it’s important that developers and marketers keep consumers’ needs in mind. Otherwise, an app runs the risk of being deleted or unused.

These are just a few of the trends of 2016. The mobile marketing world is evolving on a daily basis, and as marketers, it’s our duty to successfully leverage the data in order to devise a mobile marketing strategy that speaks to consumers in an unintrusive way.

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