Harmon’s Storytelling
Social Media Campaign

Increase sales and open
more new retail accounts

Our Most Compelling Social Media Campaign Ever.

Harmon’s Storytelling Social Media Campaign is ideal for your business if you want to...

  • Open more new retail accounts.
  • Give your current retail accounts a competitive sales tool.
  • Sell more products through your retail accounts–at no cost to you.
  • Improve your relationship with your retailer. You become a partner, not a vendor.
  • Reach thousands of targeted jewelry shoppers and drive them into your retailers’ stores.
  • Make your products more emotionally appealing to consumers.
  • Showcase your products in state-of-the-art videos
  • Build brand awareness with serious jewelry shoppers.
  • Implement a low cost, high ROI marketing program.
  • Have everything done for you and your retailers.
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Our 3 Keys to Success



Good stories increase revenue. They create an emotional connection with consumers, and influence the way they think, act, and behave. If they love your story, 15% will immediately purchase what you’re selling, and 55% are more likely to buy in the future. Storytelling is our specialty. From the visuals to the corresponding copy, we understand how to shape your brand message in a way that shoppers will respond.


high quality video content

Video content continues to grow in popularity. 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands, and 72% would rather learn about a product from a video. 64% will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social media. We create engaging product videos featuring your products that also tell a story, so they’ll emotionally connect with shoppers.

targeted ads

targeted social media ads

It pays to pay. 27% of internet users find new products and brands through paid social ads. Paid ads allow us to break past the ever-changing algorithms and hone in on the specific audiences that matter to you and your retailers, and help them find your products. We understand how to target your retailers’ markets, and how much money to spend.

“Victor has partnered with Harmon Group and its professional, detail-oriented team to provide jewelers with an exciting premium social media program. Long experienced in our industry, Harmon understands independent jewelers’ need to brand their store in their specific market. Using expert lighting, high-definition video and engaging copywriting, Harmon captures the exquisite details and alluring story of Victor’s beautifully crafted diamond jewelry. The result is elevated, exciting consumer engagement that Victor’s retail store customers say gives them unparalleled bang for their advertising buck. Thanks Harmon!”
John Youkilis, Victor Corporation President

How It Works

Our Storytelling Social Media Campaign is designed to drive jewelry shoppers into your retailers’ stores to buy your products during the most critical jewelry-purchasing holidays and seasons: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, bridal season, and Christmas. It’s affordable for both you and your retailers. We provide everything you need to sell the program to them, including solicitation materials, AND we do all the work.

Select the products you want to feature and Harmon creates a certain number of complex storytelling product videos, depending on the campaign (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, bridal, Christmas, etc.). We develop descriptive copywriting, written to accompany each video and intended to target a specific audience.

Throughout the campaign, your products are shown to all the jewelry shoppers in your retailers’ markets. That’s because we don’t just post the videos and copy on Facebook and Instagram–we boost them. The precise targeting parameters, schedule, and advertising dollars that we set ensure your products are seen by everyone interested in fine jewelry who lives in a certain radius from the stores, not just a store’s current social following. It’s an effective way to reach the right shoppers and drive them to buy.

For the length of the campaign, we’ll post and boost the complex storytelling product videos and copy directly through participating retailers Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. Retailers will pay for the boosting fee to promote your products, which goes directly to Facebook. We will handle every detail of the program, from contacting the retailer for access to their social media feed, to sending them a content calendar, to selecting the target audience for each post. When the campaign is done, we will send you performance analytics for each retailer.

You have a Valuable Opportunity to Drive Traffic, Brand Loyalty, and Sales.

Don’t miss out. Sign up, and expose thousands of jewelry shoppers to your products during critical jewelry-buying times. You’ll be a hero to your retailers, all while spending a minimum of time and money.

Personalized Solicitation Documents Provided to You

Reach out to us and we’ll provide a document (personalized with your logo) that explains the campaign to your salespeople before they go out and solicit retailers; we’ll also provide a sales sheet they can hand out directly to retailers.

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