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The Importance of Responsive Web Design in 2014

Taking advantage of a responsive web design is critical for a successful website in 2014. Simply put, responsive web design is a format that adjusts depending on from where the user may be accessing the webpage – desktop, tablet, or smartphone. It allows the site to look its best no matter what device is being used. It is crucial for companies to change their existing webpages to be responsive, if they have not done so already. We have listed the top reasons why developing a responsive web design should be your number one marketing priority this year.

Improves SEO: Google prefers responsive web design to mobile templates. Therefore, responsive websites statistically perform better than other sites. Having one URL makes it easier for Google to “crawl” your site and a responsive website is easier to maintain than other sites.

Better consumer experience: Having a responsive website immediately improves your consumers’ experience. Since a responsive design automatically adjusts to the user’s device, it increases the ease of interaction between the user and the site. Increasing the ease of interaction with the site decreases the bounce rate, increasing the amount of time users spend on the site and the likelihood they will buy a product or service.

Mobile is the future: Mobile usage is exploding – more consumers are accessing websites from mobile devices than ever before. Not only does a responsive design adjust to any device a user may be on now, it will also respond to any future devices because responsive design is based on screen size, not device. As more people continue to favor their mobile devices, it is essential to have a responsive website to engage your audience.

Having a responsive website is no longer an extra feature on a website, it is now a necessity.

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