The Power of a Testimonial

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In today’s market, a client testimonial is the equivalent of gold. With varying customer opinions, a positive review or testimonial can make or break a sale.

If you’re wondering why a testimonial is so important, it’s because word of mouth is still today’s most trusted factor in consumer decision making. With the Internet and mobile world, word of mouth has now become more anonymous as people trust the opinions from online reviews. Yet the message is still the same: people value the opinions of other real people.

Here are some ways to put customer feedback to work:

Ask Your Clients for Testimonials. 
Simply ask for them. While this is a basic task, check to see if you have ever asked for feedback from your client base. When you know one of your customers or clients had a stellar experience, make sure to ask them if they would write up a testimonial. Often surveys make a lot of sense to obtain thoughts on specific topics.

Use Those Stories.
 Stockpiling a list of positive testimonials is great. It’s always good to hear how well you are doing or in what areas you need to improve. However, strong client stories are invaluable to promote your business. Make sure your website, brochures, and other marketing opportunities use these testimonials to their full potential.

Learn from the Feedback. As hard as you may try, it’s unlikely that every piece of feedback you receive will be positive. Instead of burying it, learn from it. Find ways to correct the issue and create an environment that welcomes commentary of all types. This flexibility creates a powerful feedback loop that can help you grow your business.

Tapping into the lives of real clients helps make your brand more relevant and attractive to future clients as well. It all starts by asking and then effectively managing your clientele and their testimonials. Contact us if you are looking for some creative ways to make the most of that client feedback.


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