The Time to Target Your Audience on Facebook is Now

As consumers develop shorter attention spans and utilize multiple devices at once, it is becoming harder for marketers to ensure that their messages are being noticed by their target audience. Social media marketing is on the rise and has become a new outlet for marketers to reach specific demographics, along with the tools to pinpoint who is viewing what and when. Specifically, Facebook advertising is on the rise and the platform has become one of the top online display ad publishers. We have compiled the following statistics to illustrate why the time to target your audience on Facebook is now:

  • Facebook has 1.12 billion users per month, 399 million of those are mobile-only users
  • The average US adult spends nearly 25 percent of their media time on a mobile device
  • Facebook age and gender targeting is 45 percent more accurate that the digital industry average
  • The traditional digital industry is less than 60 percent accurate in demographic targeting of ads, meaning 4 in 10 people are seeing the wrong ads

To further compete with other advertising outlets, Facebook has launched the following features within the last quarter:

  • E-commerce Ad units
  • Website custom audiences
  • Local awareness targeting
  • Lookalike targeting
  • Audience network
  • Audience insights

All of these features help marketers make the most of their Facebook advertising campaigns. Still having trouble marketing your brand on Facebook or other social media platforms? The Harmon Group is here to help. Contact us today to get started.

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