Think Outside The Box

One of the leading methods in engaging your audience in today’s market is to utilize experiential marketing. You may have never heard the term, but it’s one of the most personal ways to connect with your audience.

Experiential marketing can be a little hard to define, but it’s any method of advertising that involves direct, physical contact with your consumers. Traditional paid media and social placements are all vital parts to a marketing strategy, but experiential events leave customers with a tangible sense of participation with a brand. Imagine a company gearing up for an Easter sale, so they decide to hide coupons around town in plastic eggs. Once the word gets out through social media, consumers are compelled to not just receive a message, but go and experience it for themselves. Now the company has a boost in sales for their Easter event, and has established a positive identity with those who participated in the scavenger hunt. This is a great example of how just one simple, fun idea can lead to a whole new way of reaching your audience.

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