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Tips for Professional Jewelry Photography to Improve Your Website & Internet Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to selling jewelry online, great product photography can make all the difference. Quality images can engage customers, improve sales, and create a better customer experience. Unfortunately, there are many common mistakes made when shooting jewelry that can hinder potential success. To help you avoid these pitfalls and get the most out of your product photography, we have compiled this guide on tips for professional jewelry photography to help improve your website and internet marketing campaigns with Harmon Group.

First things first: Lighting is key when photographing jewelry. Natural light is always preferable if available; however, use a window or other source of natural lighting instead of flash or studio lighting as this can cause harsh reflections off the metal surfaces. Shoot close-up photos using a macro lens so that viewers can see all of the details up close. Set up a backdrop such as a white sheet or paper behind your subject in order to focus attention on your piece without any distractions from color or texture in the background. Invest in a good tripod so that your camera remains steady during the shoot—it’s also important to select the correct aperture for each shot so that everything remains in focus throughout. Finally, be sure to light your jewelry evenly and thoroughly so that all angles are visible.

Sometimes it’s helpful to add a mannequin bust or cardboard cutout behind pieces like necklaces or bracelets in order to give them dimension—this can be especially useful if you’re creating video content with new pieces of jewelry! Additionally, create flat lays featuring multiple items together whenever possible as this makes your products look more attractive and inviting than single shots would on their own. You should also consider taking advantage of props such as flowers or other items which can add creative flair and make photographs stand out from others online.

Creating quality photographs for online marketing campaigns isn’t an easy task—but implementing these tips will ensure that your photos capture shoppers’ attention and encourage more sales for yourself! If you need additional help crafting effective jewelry internet marketing campaigns strategies such as email drip campaigns with Harmon Group, contact us today so we can assist you in setting up powerful campaigns tailored specifically towards increasing awareness of your brand and products!